Top apps for UK students

Here are some FREE apps that will help you on your journey through university life in the UK.

Y-plan – You will never run out of thing to do with this app! This app lists events happening locally to you. Fancy a trip to the theatre? Or a fun night out? This app is filled with crazy and cool things to do and is tailored to your local area wherever you may be in the UK.

Dropbox – Let’s face it! In today’s technologically advanced and internet driven society, there is no excuse such as ‘my computer has crashed and I lost all my work!’ and trust me your lecturer will not be impressed.  This will ensure that you will never lose your essays no matter what. This app will allow you to access your work from anywhere. So if you don’t have it. Get it now :!

Mobile banking apps – If you had a crazy night and need to check the damage, most of the banks will have apps which allow the customers to check their balance. Useful for checking how much student loan you have left or how near you are to your overdraft limit!  

Living social – You need to treat yourself once in a while. After intense periods of deadlines, exams or even just long, boring lectures! This app has many good deals.

Stumble upon- This app helps you discover loads of interesting content on the internet. It has an excellent selection of posts that you can read and learn from and it allows you to select topics you are interested in. Tap the stumble button and see where it takes you!

Voice recorder:  iRig Recorder app – Sometimes it is useful to just sit in lectures and focus rather than hurriedly trying to take notes as your lecturer talks (or you may be too hung-over to listen). This app is very useful as it will store your recordings and allow you to access and edit at any time. Also useful for when conducting interviews during your dissertation months!