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UK student life is a website specially dedicated to those thinking of, or already studying in the UK.

Running out of ideas or not sure what is out there?  The UK is a great place to study, providing a variety of choice. Whether you like culture, food or a great night out, you will definitely find something you  enjoy. Yes university is not only about studies, it is a time for making new friends, trying new things and being a bit crazy.  (just a bit!) And no place better to do that than in the UK. London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham. Each city has its quirks and surprises.

My University years turned out to be the best years of my life! So many memories were made. Im sure that prospective or current students can learn from the advice on this website and make the most of it!

Sylvia Maria (Graduate)

We understand that university years may be difficult and daunting for some. But it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is get that stress under control. We are here to help by providing important and useful advice and facts which will allow you to be able to organise your time and money effectively and efficiently. No more broke days or last minute exam revision stress.  

Make the most of these years. Take your time to explore, learn and see new things. It is the best time for it!

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