Banishing Bad Breath

There is a lot going on in media land this week with Valentine’s Day on the approach. One of the most unusual, however not the most ridiculous, pre Val-day articles I came across was all about bad breath, what causes it, how to get rid of it. This is probably more valuable than learning how to style the perfect Marilyn Blow-dry or line the ultimate Bardot pout in time for the grand seduction plan on the 14th, seeing as bad breath could stand to negate the value of all of the above in one foul exhale.

Well, oral hygiene is the first step for healthy teeth and better breath and while most people think they partake in a healthy practice, issues like bad brushing, dry mouth, and even tooth infection can stand in the way.

Brushing twice daily and for two to three minutes at a time doesn’t sound difficult, but I wonder how many people actually stand before the mirror and clean their teeth for more than 30 seconds. It is also thought that brushing after staining drinks like coffee, tea or red wine, can stave off the yellowing effects these liquids can have on teeth.

The tongue and the throat harbor bacteria and it’s the bacteria that often makes the mouth smell. Mouthwashes and tongue scrapers will get rid of this, once you get past the gag reflex. Plaque between the teeth must be removed by dental floss or dental brushes that excavate right inside the tight spots between our teeth. Plaque will cause the teeth to decay but will also cause the breath to smell, so, get it out of there!

Dry mouth is thought to be another No No. A dry mouth is known certainly to be a danger zone for offensive breath. keeping the mouth moist with food, liquids, gums, sweets, will help stave it off, especially those of a minty variety.

For the millionth time this week I’ve read or heard about oil pulling for the cleaning and whitening of teeth. The coconut oil is antibacterial and so will get rid of bad odours in the mouth. By swilling the oil around your mouth for between five and twenty minutes, you can find relief from both bad breath and yellowing teeth. I’m certainly going to try this one out.

Another reason for the whiff can be tooth infection. A dentist should be seen in all cases, but if there is no time before V-day, then go online and get antibiotics from an online clinic or online pharmacy. Doing this quickly will get the healing process rolling, meaning easing the pain asap, and also decreasing the risk of bad breath before the big day. We found this clinic that rather helpfully will prescribe antibiotics for a tooth infection –

So before you gel that quiff or splash on the after-shave, check our breath. Otherwise, all your beauty efforts might turn out to be in vain.