Online STI Testing

Most people are under the false impression that if they contract a sexually transmitted infection, they will know. They couldn’t be more wrong. The fact is that many of the most common STIs don’t even have visible symptoms or signs, in most, if not all the people that get infected! Or they experience signs that are so mild that they are overlooked. This is the main reason why the word ‘Disease’ in STDs is being replaced by ‘Infection’, STIs.

When it comes to STIs, a lot of people feel embarrassed to even consider going to the clinic for the exam, filling out the form, and speak to their doctor. This very behavior of most young adults has led to a trend of privately getting tested for STIs online.

To Be Absolutely Certain, One Has To Get Tested

It’s a bit unclear why, but numerous individuals are confused about being tested for sexually transmitted infections. For instance, a person may think their annual medical exam covers STI tests, especially if your healthcare provider is aware of the fact that you’re sexually active. In actuality, few health providers test for some STIs but not others. Meanwhile, some healthcare providers don’t test for them at all, unless you specifically request them to.

If you’re worried that you might have contracted an STI, whether through unprotected sex, meeting a new partner, or having more than one partner; contact your healthcare provider immediately. Talk about getting tested for common STIs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, HIV, HPV, trichomoniasis and syphilis. If the provider tells you that you don’t need to be tested for all these tests, you will at least find out which one’s you’ve been tested for and the ones that you should get tested for independently, privately and online.

How Does Online STI Testing Work

Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections is easy and quick. Depending on what you want to get tested for, you will be asked for either a swab, a blood or urine sample. Online STI testing is done through a network of medical professionals, certified Doctors and Care Advisors who are trained to specifically deal with patients for online medical care.

The doctors you will be dealing with are experts of sexual health. They review your test results over the phone and answer any queries you may have. Where appropriate and medically required, they are authorized to write you prescriptions and/or refer you to specialists located in your area for further treatment. Once you find a suitable Online STI testing provider, tests have four simple steps.

Step 1 – Selecting the Tests and Lab

Choose the STI tests you wish to get done using a secure online website. If you aren’t sure about the tests you need, you can contact the provider directly.

Step 2 – Visit the Lab for testing

Once you’ve selected the tests you need, you will be contacted and provided an order form for a personalized lab. You won’t have to get an appointment or fill out a form. Simply show up and provide the swab, blood or urine sample and be on your way.

Step 3 – Get results online

Your test results will be sent to you within three business days in your secure account.

Step 4 – Receive Care over the Phone

If the results are a cause for concern or require treatment, you will be connected to a Care Advisor with further instructions on how to proceed with the treatment.

This new method of getting tested for STIs is becoming increasingly popular, as the privacy and lack of hassle encourages young adults to be more responsible with their sex lives, minus the embarrassment they feel when taking a doctor’s appointment and having that awkward conversation. 

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